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The Founder.

Nick Stavrou L5Dip SRMT MSMA LCDip

Nick Stavrou first started his journey into wellness at the age of 4. He began to train in martial arts studying shotokan karate and by the age of 10, Nick had achieved a belt belt 1st degree and went on to a 2nd degree black belt by the age of 14. He started to instruct others for the next 3 years and beyond, he also is at intermediate level in both 'krav maga' and 'jeet kun do' fighting styles, expanding his martial arts knowledge.

Fascinated by science and the body, in 2012 he attended Westminster university to study soft tissue therapy.

Nick graduated with a Level 5 professional diploma in soft tissue and sports remedial therapy and in 2019 founded Hygieia health and wellness. The studying did not stop there, he went on to become a certified life coach approved by the ICF at the regents university in 2020 as this was a life long ambition for him. He currently occupies clinical space in Essex and east London in which he works from. Nick is a keen football fan and loves spending time with friends and family.

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