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Treatments and Services

Recover Develop Progress

Sports massage on leg
Intense Training

Soft tissue and Sports Remedial Therapy

Patient-Centered Treatment

Manipulation of the muscles by way of massage and hands on techniques treating not only those involved in sport. Helps restore bodily functions as well as promotion of blood flow and lymphatic drainage. 60 minutes and 90 minute treatment are available.

Rehabilitation Programme packages

The Tools You Need

Rehabilitation packages consisting of self defence, coaching and soft tissue therapies, these are designed to welcome you into the ultimate wellness journey. Prices start from £330.

Free Space Life coaching

Putting You First

Offers 1 to 1 sessions in transformational coaching. Using thought provocative techniques to help individuals unlock their potential, paving the way bro success. Open venues are available around London and surrounding counties, online and telephone coaching available. 

Services: Services
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